Quality Policy

The Quality Policy of Valver is based on the principles of total quality and on the fulfilment of requirements by all the interested parties. Its core elements are:

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION through innovation, quality, price and service.

  • To eliminate potential defects through the systematic review of all processes.
  • To improve quality and productivity constantly, establishing the attainment of zero defects as a target.
  • To use all the information provided by customers and suppliers.
  • To accept the customer’s targets and make all the necessary resources available to reach a common goal.
  • To adopt processes for the continuous improvement of products and technologies that satisfy the growing demands of the market.
  • To establish guidelines to minimise the potential risks derived from product tampering.

EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION, with work and pay conditions in accordance with the effort required.

  • To recognise creativity and participation in collective efforts.
  • To encourage and provide all the training resources at all levels, with techniques that guarantee product quality.
  • To facilitate communication and the attainment of a common goal.
  • To establish procedures and methods that minimise safety problems in processes and products.

THE SATISFACTION OF SOCIETY AS A WHOLE, providing the generation of stable employment and minimising negative effects on the environment.

  • To establish systems which minimise the impact on society, reducing the potential risks for the environment.
  • To collaborate with external organisations in the prevention and prediction of causes of potential harm to the environment.
  • To make the necessary resources available to eliminate the sources of social problems.
  • To sign collaboration agreements with public authorities and bodies.
  • To comply with the legal requirements and regulations that affect us.

June 2019