Code of Ethics



VALVER, S.L. upholds the basic principles contained in this Code of Ethics and seeks that all its participants (management, employees, customers, suppliers, etc.) respect the commitment by applying this Code to their own activities and those of their parent and subsidiary companies, complying the internationally-accepted standards in relation to these issues.


• Ethical conduct and the fight against corruption

The members of VALVER, S.L. shall carry out their business and professional activities acting at all times in an ethical and honourable manner, taking into account the principles of:

- Legality: they shall respect the laws, rules and regulations of the countries in which they carry out their activity, without carrying out practices or conduct that compromise legality or fundamental ethical principles.

- Transparency: they shall provide accurate and complete information in all the publications of a financial, business or commercial nature they produce.

- Fair competition: the companies shall be managed with respect for fair competition and any regulations to be complied with, and shall carry out their activities in an ethical manner in their relationships with their competitors.

- Conflicts of interest: the members of VALVER, S.L. shall identify and resolve any conflict of interest, real or potential, presented by any of its employees.

- Reporting of unlawful situations or conduct: they shall provide their employees the opportunity to confidentially report any situation, incident or conduct which they consider unlawful, whereby the supplier shall commence the pertinent investigation, wherever it so deems appropriate.

- Reserved and confidential information and/or information for internal use or of a personal nature: non-public information of VALVER, S.L. which is owned by or under the custody of any member of the company shall be considered reserved and confidential information and/or for internal use, and said member shall be responsible for adopting the necessary measures to protect it. They shall not use or share any information they have received as reserved, confidential and/or for internal use during their commercial relationship, except where expressly authorised by VALVER, S.L. In any case, they shall at all times guarantee the privacy of the data.

- Anti-corruption: VALVER, S.L. has zero tolerance to corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery, and wholeheartedly rejects the existence of such conduct. In this regard, no supplier shall offer or make, directly or indirectly, payments in cash, in kind or any other type of benefit, to any physical or legal person for the purpose of:
- Obtaining or maintaining by illicit means any business or advantage, and/or
- Said physical or legal person abusing their influence, real or apparent, to obtain by illicit means any business or advantage.


• Human and employment rights

VALVER, S.L. wishes to extend to its members its commitment in this sphere in accordance with the principal internationally-recognised laws and practices, such as:

- Human rights: they shall support and respect the protection of universally-proclaimed human rights and ensure that they are not complicit, by action or omission, with the violation of the same.

- Employment legislation: they shall comply with the employment laws and regulations relative to salaries and working hours, respecting all the rights of workers in accordance with the legislation of the country in which they carry out the activity (minimum wage, overtime payment, rest and holiday periods).

- Dignity of persons: they shall respect the dignity, intimacy and any other right attributed to the worker, avoiding any conduct that intimidates or offends the rights of persons.

- Child labour: they shall not contract minors for the execution of any work, at all times respecting the minimum contracting age established in the applicable legislation, supporting the eradication of child labour and also preventing any young person from carrying out work that is dangerous or interferes with their education or physical, mental, moral or social development.

- Forced labour and harassment: they shall check the existence in their organisation of forced labour or work performed under coercion, understanding as such any work carried out under the threat of any penalty or reprisal, rejecting any manifestation of violence, exploitation or sexual, physical, psychological or moral harassment, abuse of authority or mistreatment.

- Equal opportunities and non-discrimination: they shall promote non-discrimination in employment and occupation on the grounds of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, social or ethnic origin, ideology or public opinion, religion, physical ability, state of health, pregnancy, civil status or any other personal, physical or social condition of their employees, promoting equal opportunities among the same.

- Recruitment of disabled persons: they undertake to respect the legal reserve for the recruitment of disabled persons in accordance with the legislation of each country, supporting the workplace integration of this group.

- Right of free association: they shall guarantee the rights of association, affiliation and collective bargaining of their workers, at all times complying with the applicable legislation in each case.

- Occupational health and safety: VALVER, S.L. must promote the application of occupational health and safety regulations and policies that guarantee:
- A safe and healthy working environment that complies with occupational health and safety requirements, in accordance with international legislation.
- Installations which guarantee industrial hygiene, adequate lighting and ventilation, washrooms and access to drinking water, with safety equipment in the event of fire and adequate protection for each activity.
- Health and safety measures to prevent occupational accidents and diseases, including planned responses to emergency situations arising during the performance of work.
- Assuming responsibility for the health and safety of employees.
- Health and safety training for employees in order for them to oversee their safety and that of other persons in their workplace environment who may be affected during the execution of the activity.


• Environment and quality

VALVER, S.L. shall carry out its activities in a responsible manner, minimising the impact of the same on the environment, promoting measures that combat climate change and respect biodiversity, and taking the following principles into account:

- Environmental legislation: it will comply with all the legally-applicable environmental obligations and the current regulations on environmental protection in the countries in which it carries out its activities.

- Policies and preventive and corrective measures: it will adopt policies that contain preventive measures and promote environmental responsibility and sustainability, counting on efficient systems to identify, monitor and deal with the environmental impact of its activities. In cases where environmental damage occurs, it shall employ all the necessary resources to re-establish the previous conditions.

- Waste, emissions and dumping: it will have systems in place to guarantee safety in the handling, transfer, storage and recycling of waste generated through its activities. It will also have a system in place to manage emissions into the atmosphere and the dumping of waste water, in order to comply with the applicable legislation.

- Conservation of natural resources: it shall make rational use of the natural resources at its disposal, minimising and eliminating at source the impact produced in the execution of its activities, designing production processes that make efficient use of such resources and promoting the development of environmentally-friendly technologies.

- Quality of the product or service provided: it shall guarantee at all times that the product supplied or service provided complies with the quality standards established in the legislation.



The present Code of Ethics and all the basic principles of action contained herein must be accepted by all members of the structure, including suppliers and customers, and included in any contracts that may be signed with the same.

VALVER, S.L. reserves the right to terminate any contractual relationship with parties who breach any of these principles.

The present Code of Ethics is a minimum agreement which does not release suppliers and customers from compliance with additional obligations established by the legislation of the various jurisdictions in which VALVER, S.L. carries out its activities.