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Valver was founded in 1986 as a company that manufactured industrial stickers for the automotive industry. Over the years and with the acquisition of experience and expertise, the company has invested in new technologies and infrastructure that have allowed it to extend its operations to strategic markets and offer a more comprehensive range of components. Sectors such as the motorbike, bicycle, street furniture and domestic appliance markets have become part of its typical customer portfolio.

As a result of this evolution and a strong commitment to R&D&i, within its sector in Spain, Valver offers a comprehensive catalogue of products: decorative, safety and informative components, soundproofing components, logos, lettering, injected components, etc. These are in addition to the patents it has incorporated within its production process.

All of these technologies make the company a pioneer both in Spain and worldwide. To date, Valver is the only company within the sector with all of these technologies in Spain, the fourth in Europe and the twentieth worldwide.

Its organisational structure offers the end customer various advantages, key among which is the speed of possible modifications during the life-cycle of the project. Thanks to the integration of all the production processes within the company structure (screen printing, various cutting and inlay processes, injection, revision, etc.), all ideas, design changes or new technical specifications from the customer can be executed quickly, making it a fast and dynamic company.